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10 songs (11.14.08)

It seems critical to have a routine that you can follow in life. I’m massively routine-driven. The more comfortable I am, the better the routine I build and as a result, the more likely I am to accomplish everything I set out at a particular time.

The more of a routine I get into, the more likely I am to set the world ablaze, it seems.

But enough of that. I’m bringing back my 10 songs feature this week, as it’s been a while since I’ve put anything out there.


The Last Is First – Dilated Peoples
It’s Not Me, It’s You – Far Less
Little Waltz – Basia Bulat
All I Want – Darius Rucker
DLZ – TV On The Radio
Lettin’ Go – Janelle Monae
You Are The Best Thing – Ray LaMontagne
Holy Cow – Margot & The Nuclear So and So’s
It’s Still A Love Song – Jean Grae
Treboles – Aterciopelados

  1. @ Andrew: You’re the one that told me Basia Bulat was the goods. And boy, you weren’t kidding. I’ll be waiting.

    @ Hubert: Thanks for the comment! I’m glad you’re enjoying it and you’re right, the music is certainly the soundtrack to the blog more often than not.

  2. Sweet… I have been following your blog for a second now. It’s good to see what may be the musical inspiration behind your work.

    You sir, have good taste. As a music buff myself, I’m glad to be hipped to some stuff that I haven’t heard before that actually turns out to be really good!

  3. Ah, 10 songs: how I’ve missed ye. Glad to see this feature making a comeback.

    BTW, soon I’ll be dedicating my Friday Five feature to the year’s best albums, so stay tuned.

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