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To tweet or not to tweet

Life in the hinterland is different. While my colleagues in the Twitterverse bandy about this metric and that strategy on their blogs, the issues I contemplate and deal with day to day are far less complicated than that. 

As I contemplate the merits of social media tools, the first question always ends up with “should we bother with that?” Understanding your audience is a critical component of this and if I know that few students are tweeting, is there a rush to get on Twitter?

Twitter is the big example because it’s an otherwise relatively large part of my social media existence. Our conversations are always about more, pushing the envelope and helping people use more of what’s out there to supposedly make things easier. But what if investing time, energy and money isn’t worth it at all? So much of our business is vendor driven and so, it makes sense that no one is out writing longform blog posts about austerity or that one time when they said “no, we’re not going to cut a check on a particular project because we can’t.”

I like these situations, though. As much as I enjoy being in the room discussing big ideas and implementing them as I have in the past, it’s here in the trenches that you really earn your money. People in rural communities, at small colleges where innovators often fear to tread don’t get the same attention that bigger places get. There are lots of reasons for this and I don’t need to explore them here. 

It’s just a different environment. Years ago, it was just something to be online at all. Now? We watch the world around us go at breakneck speed and wonder what it all means. I feel wedged between the realities of the landscape and a need to push forward in spite of the various challenges. So much so, that it’s often strange to blog about it until many of the decisions are made. Then we can discuss how we got there.

So no, we don’t tweet yet. But I did create a Twitter placeholder on my 2nd day almost two months ago for the day when we’re able to. Our Facebook presence will undergo a bit of a facelift in the coming months and so will our various web sites. It’s an exciting time to be part of laying a foundation that sorely needs to be laid down. This type of role is a sweet spot for me, in part because I’ve done it so many times before in recent history and because it’s sorely needed.

There’s more where this came from.