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12 Songs ~ 11.21.08

I don’t really have a good reason for giving you 12 songs this week. Maybe to keep you at bay for a week or so, because of the Thanksgiving holiday. This week’s set of songs are a random smattering of strange pop, hip-hop and new stuff speckled in. Not my best list, but…it’s together nonetheless. :)


1. The Roots – Episodes
2. Kanye West – Heartless
3. Mother Mother – O My Heart
4 A Smile and A Ribbon – The Boy I Wish I Never Met
5. Operator Please – Get What You Want
6. Young Love – Find A New Way To Dance
7. Ladyhawke – Love Don’t Live Here
8. New Years Day – Ready Aim Misfire
9. Buena Vista Social Club – Chan Chan
10. CSS – Jager Yoga
11. Blake Shelton – I Don’t Care
12. Paramore – I Caught Myself

  1. Amazing: Buena Vista Social Club. You are the ONLY other person I know who is familiar with that release. It’s a great sampler of Cuban music.

    And Ladyhawke – I was just listening to samples on eMusic and thinking about picking off a few tunes, maybe the whole album.

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