Setting the pace

I was thinking about this idea of identifying an area that your peers don’t do well. Something you all do relatively similar. For one reason or another, it can comforting in the context of dealing with people when you know that things are similar. But in an competitive environment, those are just the sorts of ways that you can rise above the fray and shine in major ways. Why not view those as opportunities to shine, put your own unique twist on it and thrive?

Why not set the pace, rather than drift behind the pack?

What do you REALLY want to do?

Whenever I read Lucky or Smart, The Four Hour Work Week , The Dip or any of the other books that entrepreneurs are buzzing about, I just start to laugh.

With the except of Lucky or Smart, the other ones were effectively telling me what I already knew. The message was “What are you waiting for? Why are you waiting for tomorrow to do what you want to do now?” I used to think, “If only it were that easy…” and despite that, I just kept plugging away.

Whenever I interview for jobs, folks look at the diverse experiences I have and ask, “What do you really want to do?”

That question has propelled me to this point and time in my life. I’ve realized a lot that things change all of the time. Just when you get comfortable believing things will be a certain way, life has a way of correcting your vision through experience.

What I’ve come to appreciate over time is the fact that so long as you’re breathing, each day is a unique opportunity to test yourself and stretch your limits. It can be exhausting and the barriers put up in front of you can seem arbitrary and probably unfair at times. But when it’s time to gut check yourself, to see what you’re made of and to test your own mettle; realizing that you have what it takes to come through makes all of the difference.

Once you realize that what you want doesn’t have to pass someone else’s threshold of what’s good or right in the world — only yours — it’s as if a weight larger than a bridge has been taken off your back.

One of the things I loved about “The Dip” is that it was so motivational. It challenged you to believe that you great, that you had something to offer and that each day you sit plotting and planning the perfect way to do something is a day you’re wasting. That the world won’t wait for you and putting yourself out there isn’t a means to an end, but an opportunity to be best in the world.

No matter how large or small your world may be.

I see what’s to come as an opportunity in allowing myself to thrive. With that as the challenge in front of me, the only thing that can stop me is myself.

I accepted the challenge over a decade ago when I embarked on this path and do not plan to quit now. The next chapter is upon us, my time is now.

The financial crisis in Plain English…sorta

There aren’t a bevy of sites out there that are planning to explain the financial crisis in Plain English. Maybe there are, it’s just not easy to google them.

In any case, Freakonomics blog decided to start chatting about the financial crisis and the explanations at least give an overview.

That doesn’t make the so-called solution any easier to swallow, but…alas, at least you know what’s going on now.

College Football rankings Week 5

Here are the Week 5 Omnivore college football computer rankings:
1 Alabama
2 Connecticut
3 Vanderbilt
4 Utah
5 South Florida
6 Texas
7 Penn State
8 Northwestern
9 Virginia Tech
10 Wake Forest
11 Oregon
12 BYU
13 Ball State
14 Boise State
15 Missouri
16 Oklahoma
17 Oklahoma State
18 LSU
19 Kentucky
21 Fresno State
22 Georgia
23 Southern Cal
24 Michigan State
25 East Carolina
26 Maryland
27 Notre Dame
28 Auburn
29 Tulsa
30 Michigan
31 California
32 TCU
33 Pittsburgh
34 North Carolina
35 Texas Tech
36 Florida
37 Bowling Green
38 Navy
39 Georgia Tech
40 Stanford
41 Florida State
42 Arizona
43 Air Force
44 Arizona State
45 Akron
46 Clemson
47 Wisconsin
48 South Carolina
49 Mississippi
50 Nebraska
51 Arkansas State
52 Ohio State
53 Duke
54 Minnesota
55 New Mexico
56 Rice
57 Colorado
58 Iowa
59 Western Michigan
60 Oregon State
61 Indiana
62 Tulane
63 Kansas
64 Louisville
65 Marshall
66 Baylor
68 Central Michigan
69 Middle Tennessee
70 Louisiana Tech
71 Buffalo
72 Houston
73 New Mexico State
74 San Jose State
75 Cincinnati
76 Miami
77 Memphis
78 Southern Mississippi
79 Texas A&M
80 Miami (OH)
81 Wyoming
82 North Carolina State
83 Utah State
84 Colorado State
85 West Virginia
86 Temple
87 Nevada
88 Arkansas
89 Florida
90 Kansas State
91 Toledo
92 Southern Methodist
93 Iowa State
94 Troy
95 Northern Illinois
96 San Diego State
97 Washington
98 Purdue
98 Florida Atlantic
100 Illinois
101 Boston College
102 Virginia
103 Rutgers
104 Ohio
105 Washington State
106 Hawaii
107 North Texas
108 Tennessee
109 UTEP
110 Western Kentucky
111 Idaho
112 UAB
113 Eastern Michigan
114 Mississippi State
115 Central Florida
116 Army
117 Syracuse
118 Louisiana-Lafayette
119 Kent State
120 Louisiana-Monroe

Is 12 seconds the new Twitter?

So, after taking a look at it and having it decided to turn my laptop camera on for me in an effort to make me want to record something; I immediately thought “Is 12 seconds, the new Twitter?”

I guess it makes sense, right? Taking things to the next level and all?

I don’t know that I’ll be joining the revolution yet.