Two cute by half

Just as there are sports cliches that get overused (‘he’s gutsy.’ ‘it is what it is’) this election year has revealed many sayings that are common in political lingo that get embraced and overused. One such term this year has been ‘too cute by half.’

MSNBC’s commentators seem really enamored with the phrase, especially Chris Matthews who started using it like he invented it.

I Will Possess Your Heart Video

I tried to avoid this entire album based on the single’s title. It surpasses Clay Aiken’s “If I Was Invisible” as the creeper, nerd stalker song of all time.

At least in the case of Death Cab for Cutie’s “I Will Possess Your Heart” video is cinematically a worthwhile feat. It manages to match the creepyness of the song flawlessly. That’s hard to do. But it does great work.

That said, stalkers don’t need new anthems. Seems they’re always getting them tho.

The NCAA and the millionaire Luddites

College sports might be a big business. But embracing technology is low on the priority list of the NCAA, unless it means they can make money off of their so-called student athletes. (Still, computers in the coaching box, located above the field at pressbox level, are prohibited in college football…The organization has also attempted to limit blogging by reporters during sporting events)
Could you imagine if the sports if computers were allowed? It’d be an entirely new marketplace of online tools and programs aimed at helping coaches gain an edge during games. The idea makes me frothy just thinking of the possibilities.


Old political commericals

I found this entire video completely astounding. Just the way the things evolved over time and how in some ways, the themes have not changed a bit at all. The site the Living Room Candidate is a pretty astounding site.

For it to be 1956 and for Adlai Stevenson to be so candid was interesting to me.

10 Songs ~ 9.26.08

Here are ten songs worth checking out this week from a range of artists including a few from the Afro-Punk 5th Door tour and other artists that have left me in a good mood this week. Enjoy.


People and what they’re saying…

In addition to blogging more this year, I’ve been far better about reading lots of blogs. I think it’s a necessary part of being a blogger is knowing what other people are talking about. Otherwise, you’re just a blowhard who is spewing lots of hot air. If you can talk, you can listen and reading other people’s blogs is just a function of that. Here are some notable posts I’ve run into:

Why Most Feedback Sucks

Mets ‘suspend’ pennant race

Tales from Redesignland

Chris Rock is funny because of how animated he gets.

Influence Economy & Social Media

Here’s a Slideshare from the folks at Universal McCann talking about the idea of influence economy and asking the wonderful question about social media: “When Did We All Start Trusting Strangers?”

The idea is, in the old days, we let the media influence our choices. Now, we influence each other and let the authority of people who we meet in the socialsphere affect our choices, decisions and what information we share.

Compared to the early days when I think things were far more focused on conversation and building personal relationships, the shift seems to be more focused on communicating information, preferences and finding likeminded people who share our niche interests and preferences.