Guest List

I am totally stealing this Guest List feature from Pitchfork, akin to my shameless borrowing of Lifehacker’s How I Work a few months back.

Guest List features (me) filling (you) in on some of my favorite things, along with other random bits.

My Morning Routine

Umm…when I’m on my game, it usually involves me reading for an hour and drinking tea. I keep an electric kettle in the living room because I’m a channeling my inner British self. I’ll spend either a lot of time or a little time, depending on the day, deciding what I’m going to wear. I iron and my commute is six blocks.

When I get to work, I have a separate tea box and teapot. I usually make tea and start my day in earnest. I haven’t figured out what to eat in the mornings. Gluten-free waffles aren’t sustainable to eat all of the time and I’m over oatmeal. Suggestions welcomed.

Best Thing I Purchased This Year


Not sure anything qualifies this year yet. Well, okay. I’ll bite. I bought a car. My old one had reached the end of its effective life. As for in the past twelve months, I bought a toggle coat from Old Navy in late December before it’d really gotten cold. I needed a truly warm hooded coat, but wasn’t willing to spend for one. This thing was marked down to less than $30 in the clearance section for some reason, I nabbed it and it turned out to be a great choice.

Last Great Concert I Saw

I’ve been so bad about rocking out the past few years, which is depressing. But I think the last great show I saw was last year on my birthday, I saw The Wooden Sky in Los Angeles. I saw Carolina Chocolate Drops at UCLA the following day. It was a decent two-day concert stretch, let me tell ya.

My Dream Collaboration

Well I’m presenting with Alaina this year. I collaborate on a blog with Tonya and Ma’ayan and I submitted a proposal for HighEdWeb. So I figure I’m doing pretty well in terms of collaborations. But if I had pick, probably someone on the student affairs side of the house like Eric Stoller or Latricia Brand, because of the unique perspectives and because they’re both rad.

Last Great Book I Read

I tend to read more non-fiction than not. But I ran across this book called The Flavor Bible which isn’t even a cookbook, but this instructive guide of things that pair well with each other. Like you look up mushrooms and it tells you what goes with them. It’s gigantic and has become an indispensable part of my cooking repertoire.

Best Song Not Enough People Have Heard

Tornado Love from Blacktop, one of the six-thousand Mick Collins bands from Detroit.

Favorite Drink

Virgil’s Cream Soda or a Whiskey Sour, rarely. I need to invent a drink called a Mick Collins. He’s rad.

Last Great Album I Heard

I can’t get enough of Jessie Ware’s debut LP Devotion.

Favorite TV Show

I tend not to watch stuff when it’s on live, because I don’t like TV dictating my schedule like that. I’ve been sort of sucked into “Scandal” even as it becomes more and more ridiculous. USA shows “White Collar” and “Suits” are awesome too. My favorite shows are really BBC shows. “Luther” “Gavin and Stacy” and the recently finished “Merlin.”

Last Great Movie I Saw

I thought Robot & Frank was excellent. 

Favorite Older Songs At The Moment

What You Won’t Do For Love – Bobby Caldwell

She May Call You Up Tonight – The Left Banke

Do You Want To Know A Secret – The Beatles

Two Occasions – The Deele