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24 Hours of Strategy: A mixtape of sorts

Starting tonight, I’m embarking on a writing project/”mixtape” entitled 24 hours of strategy.

It’s precisely what it sounds like. For 24 hours, I’ll release a strategy-related post every hour. The topics will be all over the map, reflecting on things I’ve been contemplating from my work, travels and conversations with strategists from around the world.

The idea is to get people thinking about big ideas, the ways we do our work and how we can improve processes, the design of organizations and tactics. So much of the conventional wisdom is focused on high-impact organizations that have resources, talent and the right mix of leadership and savvy.

There’s a whole bundle of firms, organizations and entities that exist and haven’t figure out what many of us seem to think we know. And that’s a problem. As a consultant, you might figure that it’s a good thing. After all, more work for us, right? Unfortunately, it results in low morale and talent that suffer because people aren’t given the tools they need.

I’ve been in a variety of roles over the years and have felt much of the frustration people feel about the state of digital. It can be hard to articulate the problems when you don’t have the vocabulary, tools & frameworks to initiate change even from your spot in the organizational chart.

The information exists, it’s just a matter of dredging it up and exploring how we can pick the pieces that can best help us do our jobs better. So after doing this for an entire day, maybe there will be something useful to come out of it.

#24hoursofstrategy is mostly a gimmick to force me to write. I didn’t tell anyone I was doing it, because sometimes when you blog or write publicly you can get too caught up in wondering how people are going to receive what you’re doing. I certainly hope something I write resonates, but the truth is, just having accomplished the output is going to be a triumph for me.

Feel free to follow along on Twitter using the hashtag #24hrsofstrategy or you can tweet me @ronbronson. All of the posts will be posted on Medium, but I’ll also link them here afterwards.