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Stirring things in a different direction

I’ve been kicking around ideas for a while to keep this blog alive. I started it two years ago this week. Given my goals when I began it were extremely modest, I’ve far surpassed my expectations. But I enjoy the dialogue and interaction with my peers in higher ed immensely, so while I considered ending it a few times, I thought better of it.

Instead, I moved the blog to a new platform (tumblr) and left the old site’s archives intact. will redirect here automatically. I moved over some “greatest hits” posts, but other than that, this site represents a fresh start. edustir began as Observations From Left Field, a quasi-personal blog about work that morphed into Reading, Writing and Big Ideas, before adopting the name (thanks for a Synonym project that I never used it for) about a year ago or so.

The RSS feed is already integrated into the new blog too, so you won’t have to do anything to keep receiving posts from the blog. Bear with the design alterations, as I’m sure it’ll keep changing as I decide which direction I’m headed.

While the blog will maintain a primary focus on higher education, I’m going to shift the conversation away from strictly the institutional presence side and talk more about athletic marketing web perspective in education. I think it’s a topic that needs coverage and having gone from strictly sitting behind the desk, to doing that and coaching too…it’s given me a bit more to chat about that I’d love to share.

I won’t stop chiming in on other issues, but I feel like a new niche and a new platform for the site will invigorate the blog well into the future.

So thanks for reading and commenting and hopefully, I’ll provide you with lots more to participate in the coming days, weeks and months.