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The fallacy of the worthless degree

The New York Times has a story on students who attend trade schools to give themselves a boost on a possible career, only to find themselves in a worst spot than they started due to lack of opportunities and now saddled with debt from their practical education.

None of this is really new, nor is it a surprise and it’s not likely to change anytime in the near future. One of the readers selection comments had other ideas though:

Agreed, it can be a rip-off. But, er…how about those expensive university degrees in Feminism Studies that cost upward of $100,000 and more? How about all those Journalism degrees awarded to students years ago who still haven’t paid off their loans because delivering mail is not such a high-paying job? You guys at the Times need to dig a little further and explain exactly what a young person does after he gets that Environmental Studies degree. I imagine that impoverishing yourself by going to a regular university is far more devastating than doing the same with a trade school.

It’s going to be increasingly important as time goes on to use all of the tools at our disposal to educate people on what colleges and universities — specifically the non-profit ones — are actually┬áselling.