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What winning is about

The reason I think we find sports in society so compelling is because it looks nothing like real life. The rules are defined, there are boundaries and if you don’t outperform the people you’re competing against, you will lose.

When you’re competing on an even playing field under the same rules; it doesn’t always mean that people around you won’t cut corners. But you can stick your own philosophy and when you find success, find that others around you start to watch what you’re doing.

Often, a philosophy is attributed to a brave soul who comes in with youthful enthusiasm, a monk-like devotion to duty and a desire to make things a bit better and find people who buy into the vision.

What’s the point? Success isn’t always measured in metrics or dollars and cents. It’s sometimes about cultivating a philosophy and a way of doing business that reflects the ideals of the people working in that group, institution or company. While it might be articulated fully, it’s not always best expressed by the CEO, but the line employee who’s worked there for a year or three. ¬†It’s not just demonstrated in the way they do work during business hours, but when the shop doors close.

Winning is often the only thing anyone ever thinks about, but it’s not surprising that their success gets capped somewhere before their own personal grail. It usually takes more than will, more than a desire or a passion alone to find the combination which results in big wins.