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LinkedIn: The 4th time is a charm?

I’ve deleted my LinkedIn profile a lot. In retrospect, this was silly. Not because I care, but rather because the only thing worse than a LinkedIn profile is a LinkedIn profile with few connections and/or recommendations.

I’ve deleted in the past because I don’t see the utility for me, personally. But I recreated my profile again a few weeks ago for the fourth time. Why? To fill in gaps for the uninitiated. 

My own analytics, coupled with fragments of web searches make it hard to really understand what I’ve been doing the past few years. It can be confusing even to people who’ve been talking to me a lot during that time. I suppose it’ll be a blog post in the making someday reflecting on where I’ve been and where I’m headed, but in the meantime…I figured it made sense to have some kind of coherent narrative for the voyeurs and other curious folks.

Alas, I re-created my LinkedIn profile for the 4th time. My original plan was to just leave it there, tell no one really and not add any connections. But then people found me, so…I figure I should just make a big deal out of it and post about it.

Except, not really.