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Unveiling a brand new camel

My favorite brand identity blog Brand New tipped me off to the unveiling of Connecticut College’s upgrade of their athletic brand.

Out goes the camel of old

and in comes a new, fiercer angrier camel. 

You should read Brand New’s critique of this new mark, because it’s not often enough that small college athletic marks get the sort of critique (or frankly, design attention) that large ones do, despite the immense value these small colleges and universities could gain from their brands if they were more brand conscious.

That’s not just a critique from me, sports marketing guru Joe Favorito said so when I interviewed him for this blog a few weeks back. 

Since it’s Friday and in the spirit of camels — especially since this new one was released on April 5th, my birthday — here’s a picture of me at the Kuwait Camel Racing Club in early 2000 when I was in the Air Force…on a camel. 

They smell terrible, of course. But after our camel pictures and watching a race (where children, not grown men ride the camels) we had dates (you know, the fruit) and drank tea.

Unlike llamas though, you don’t have to worry about them spitting at you whenever they feel like it. I have llamas pictures from the good ol’ US of A, but…that’s a whole ‘nother post.

Speaking of new looks, if you just read the RSS feed or tumblr feed of edustir, you’ll want to check out the new look of the actual blog. I’m pretty happy with it. 

Happy weekend, folks.