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To Be Seen, To Be Heard…To Matter

Whether you’re marketing your crayon startup or trying to launch a fledgling career as an accordion player, people look at social tools and at some point wonder how they can get people to care about what they’re doing.

So much of the conversations these days tends to be focused on get-rich-tactics that pre-suppose that people have enough time to develop strategies, curate and launch successful schemes on their own. The reality is, most social media projects are done by one person who has other responsibilities. They’re not blogging because they don’t have time for such luxuries. Chances are, they missed your last awesomeConf 2019 because they couldn’t afford to do that or maybe they’re not even aware such things exist.

Right now, someone is doing the job you do in an office somewhere and feels like they’re the only one in the universe going through what they are. They might feel there’s a possibility that someone else out there does this work — especially in 2011 — but they don’t know how to reach out.