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A call for writers

So here’s what I’m thinking.

I started this blog (in all of its random name iterations) as a vehicle to really interact with the larger higher ed community. Mission accomplished.

As I’ve been contemplating the future of the blog, I’ve been thinking a lot about it being something other than a place for me to vent about whatever I’m thinking or to flesh out my logic to a wider audience. I’d like it to be a lot more useful.

Since I was planning to redesign it anyway, I’m thinking about retrofitting the whole thing for a larger audience of higher ed types who want to share their experiences, learn from others and start conversations with the diaspora of folks in the field.

Maybe people who don’t have the time to maintain their own blog, but have time for a “weekly column” of sorts or folks who can share a lot, but might not have the higher profile to reach the wide higher ed audience.

The design and format would change to reflect the more inclusive nature of things, but I’d love to see this turn into a  (more topical?) venue for pushing the higher ed envelope and letting folks (and their ideas) take it wherever it goes, rather than just a personal fiefdom of my ideas.

If you’re interested, drop me a note or pass this along (tweet?) to someone who might be.

  1. @Andrea: Yes, I’m thinking that precisely. But I wouldn’t stop blogging, as Andrew has me pegged. :)

  2. Ron – I’ve had pretty decent success getting guest-bloggers recently. I’ll make a pitch for you as well. I know you won’t stop blogging — you CAN’T. It’s gotten under your skin. ;)

  3. Ron: Does this mean that you’d stop blogging here completely? Or would you serve in an quasi-editorial capacity and write less frequently?

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