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Announcing Aggregate Conference

I’ve always thought it’d be interested to have a conference that brought together people from different sectors who are working on the web. I mean, I’ve been in startups and their ideas could really invigorate what we do in higher ed. I think there’s something about higher education that’s being lost on the way it’s being reported in today’s media, but journalists are often coming right from the cauldron they’re reporting on, have strong feelings — and insights — that we should be listening to.
Basically what I want to do is create a dialogue. I used to joke that it’d be really great if more conferences had a “big ideas” track where we could really bat around abstract things we’re thinking about or to tackle problems with a more diverse crew than we could ever hope to muster at work.
Aggregate isn’t intending to replace anything, but to create a new platform for ideas to flow. It’s about building the kinds of connections across silos that don’t just exist within our industries but across them.
I’m really excited about the speakers we’ve already confirmed and the others we’ll be confirming over the coming weeks. So if you would, visit or follow us on Twitter @aggregateconf and learn more about what we’re trying to put together for you this September 29-30th in Louisville.