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Blocking out the noise

Being on twitter during the day is sometimes like having a megaphone in your office, sending messages to you at random times. Sometimes, it’s useful because the megaphone broadcasts stuff you want to hear or the timing is right. Other times, it’s just white noise. It’s still better noise than what I hear milling around the office, but the disconnect makes me wish my friends were closer and yearn for connections that aren’t here.

I’m going to attempt this week to confine my daytime tweeting — minus any posts I schedule ahead of time — to 31 minutes of a lunch period and to after 4pm. I realize things happen all of the time, but being so plugged in sometimes has thrown me off in ways I’m not sure it’s cool to admit.

For me, social media provides a link to the world in ways it always has. I’ve always lived far from friends and family, so the social web has brought them closer.

I’ve just found myself with a lot to say, lots of things on the stove and an ability to make all the things at once. All of the apps you can install in your browser to stop you from checking those things just annoy me, but since I use different machines at work than at home, it might not be a bad idea to go back to using them.

We’ll see how the week goes.