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On blogging daily

I started blogging in 2001, but started in online communities dating back to 1994. I’m always a bit squeamish when I hear folks who were online in those days talked about as “pioneers” because while I guess it’s true, I tend to think of pioneers as people who explore space or do really bold innovative things that touch the lives of millions.

Oh wait.

Anyway, blogging everyday is a difficult thing to do when you feel like ideas are fleeting. I think one of the negative things about my professional life becoming more integrated with my personal one, is how it’s made me gunshy. When I started this latest blog six years ago, I wasn’t thinking very hard about who would read it. I recall once people asking me questions in a job interview about blog posts I’d written. I wasn’t prepared for it, because I was just riffing. It wasn’t even negative; but it still made me a bit wary of saying anything.

It’s been good over the past few years to be more of a consumer than a producer, because when I was more prolific, I read a lot less. Sometimes, I wonder how I had enough material to talk about since so much of what I was putting out was just reflections of my own experiences rather than something lived, understood and consumed. The more I read other people, the more I remind myself how I need to be blogging more.

So we’re gonna give this everyday blogging thing a go and see where it leads.