March 18, 2017 edition of my newsletter

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Monopoly replaces boot, thimble and wheelbarrow with a T-Rex, penguin and a rubber ducky (Telegraph)
So rarely do I play Monopoly anymore that I had no idea they were retiring pieces in favor of new ones, but alas. Are you outraged? Or is this a sign of progress? Ha.

The Problem With Interactive Graphics (FastCo)
Turns out, nobody actually looks at interactive graphics? Shocked? Not in a world where millennials confess to only reading headlines and people have less time to engage with things.

The decline of first-generation college athletes (ESPN/The Undefeated)
One of the great myths of college athletes not being paid is how it’s providing opportunities to kids who’d otherwise not be able to go to college. That might be true, but it’s a lot less true now — across all sports — than it used to be, as fewer first-gen kids are getting scholarships.

The Roots of Cowboy Music: The Search for the Black Self in The American West (MTV News)
I thought this was just a good piece of writing about self-discovery, so I shared it.

The disturbing trend of homeless community college students (Washington Post)

Craigslist Is Old, Janky and Unbeatable (Backchannel)
In 2003 when I was interned at the Boston Globe, Craigslist was responsible for me finding my apartment, my computer and pretty much all of my non-work friends.

What I’m Reading: Memoirs of a Polar Bear (Yoko Tawada)
Why We Can’t Look Away From Our Screens – A review of Adam Alter’s book “Irresistible” which is also what I’m reading this week.

What I’m Listening To: Quilt – Plaza (LP)