5 links and 22 songs

A few things to check out…and then some tunes, of course. Because I’m overdue.

Elevate Web Design at the University Level (A List Apart)

Generations Online in 2009 (Pew Internet Project)

Sponty – Be Hangoutable (Sponty)

Friday Heh (Dave Coustan)

Don’t be a pain…. (Karlyn Morissette)

As for the music, it’s been a few weeks since I posted on here, but I couldn’t resist. As a result, you get 22 songs this week. It’s a wide range of things from indie fare to a hip-hop mashup of Nat King Cole and The Roots for an upcoming album that Natalie Cole was Executive Producer on (meaning I guess it’s okay with her that they’re doing it…) and a variety of new tracks from The Heartless Bastard, P.O.S. and Fiction Family, a supergroup combining Nickel Creek guitarist Sean Watkins and Switchfoot lead singer Jon Foreman. Ben Kweller released a country-influence album and there’s a track here from that surprisingly good album.

Here’s a link if you can’t see the applet below in your RSS feed (to listen to the tunes) and have a good weekend!

Le Tigre – Deceptacon
Cococnut Record – Nighttiming
Great Northern – Home
The Maine – The Way We Talk
Army Navy – Saints
Nat King Cole (f/ The Roots) – Walkin’ My Baby Back Home
Outasight – Good Evening (Dream Big)
Castanets –  The Night Is When You Can Not See
Dolorean – Beachcomber Blues
School of Seven Bells – Face To Face on High Places
Glenn Jones – Little Dog’s Day
The Ponys – Turn The Lights Out
LCD Soundsystem – Watch The Tapes
The Mojomatics – Miss Me When I’m Gone
Illa J – We Here
Heartless Bastards – Nothing Seems The Same
Ben Kweller – Fight
Fiction Family – Please Don’t Call It Love
REM – Nightswimming
Mineral – Love Letter Type Writer
The Phantom Band – Throwing Bones
P.O.S. – Drumroll (We’re All Thirsty)
Kate Nash – Merry Happy


Some links worth checking out (11-20-08)

Rather than read what tasty morsels of thoughts are on my mind, I’m simply going to send you elsewhere:

The work-blog connection

Aren’t our colleges and universities supposed to be hotbeds of experimentation, incubators of ideas, forums for testing and experimentation? I think there’s a lot of untapped potential in using social media in higher education, but many of us (myself included) fear losing control of the message or the medium.

Writing content to the lowest common denominator?

So, is it necessary to write to lowest reading level of the audience?

When Keeping It Real (Secure) Goes Wrong

“I’m a guest on campus for the day, so how can I access the wifi?” “You mean wireless internet?” “Yes.” “Oh, hmmmm, well, hmmmm, right. Let me check.”

Report on Youth and New Media Pokes at Educational Institutions

Peer into the networked world of teenagers and young adults and you’ll see intense, creative communities of young people who want to learn.

A college president speaks on presidential salaries

“What do college presidents do, anyway?”

Is Twitter A Good Tool for Alumni Relations

With familiarity Twitter loses its menace, but whether it becomes truly useful remains to be seen.

People and what they’re saying…

In addition to blogging more this year, I’ve been far better about reading lots of blogs. I think it’s a necessary part of being a blogger is knowing what other people are talking about. Otherwise, you’re just a blowhard who is spewing lots of hot air. If you can talk, you can listen and reading other people’s blogs is just a function of that. Here are some notable posts I’ve run into:

Why Most Feedback Sucks

Mets ‘suspend’ pennant race

Tales from Redesignland

Chris Rock is funny because of how animated he gets.

Text-Sims, an alternative sporting experience

Here’s a story about text sport simulation games for PC.

The fact that sports text games draw a more intellectual and involved crowd comes as no surprise, as many of these gamers tend to devour statistics like the Russians sip vodka. In my opinion, text-sim gamers are the freakiest of sports gamers, the people who can’t get their fix only with a gamepad or a handful of Fantasy League teams. As sports videogames have, more or less, existed for the better part of two decades, it only seems natural to have this progression of gaming intensity.

Having beta tested Out of the Park Baseball for past few years and been an active player of a few games in the genre for the better part of the decade, the story speaks truth. There isn’t a better gaming experience out there for statheads.