Podcast Episode #3: Meditations on Process


A text conversation the other day with a friend of mine trying to synthesizing her guy problems. We’ve had variations of the same conversation for weeks months years now, but the other day after a breakthrough or two, I fired a text away that read something similar to this tweet:

So much of helping other people solve their dilemmas is working through your own problems too. It’s not entirely self-serving, but I cannot count how many times spending time breaking down the dilemmas of my friends and family have helped me to unravel my own messes along the way. In thinking about many of these conversations, it led me to think about how I view “the process” in my own life.

Seth Godin talks about “The Dip” as that thing in the middle that helps decide whether to stick with what you’re doing or whether to quit. I like recommending the book because it’s short, easy-to-read and most I recommend it to haven’t read his blog. But “the process” isn’t really about a barrier standing in the way of what you want, what you build in the middle — the process — is what sticks. If you don’t prepare, if you aren’t constantly self-critical, improving and trying to adapt…that entire time is wasted on you. Even if you end up getting what you want, I often find that I’m not really ready for it. Or I somehow decide that I don’t really want it anymore.

The process molds and shapes us.

Today on the podcast, it’s all about the process. For me, just getting this recorded and shipped to you was part of my own process. Hopefully it won’t take another few weeks for the next one to end up on your virtual doorsteps.

Some brief thoughts on the CMS selection process

Content management system selection is a frequent topic of conversation whenever I’m on the road. I put together a very short primer to talk about the one thing I don’t hear people talking about enough when considering a new platform. Everyone has different challenges, but there are some consistent challenges and I explore them in this 15 minute video, with the idea that you’ll reach out if you have additional questions.

The Ron Bronson Show – Episode 1


I have for months been wanting to produce a show – mostly narrated slides – where I share with you some stuff I’ve learned around digital strategy, user research, product thinking and social media that might help you. I think I just do a better job of sharing & for the people who don’t know me, you can experience “me” better when you hear and see me. Though there will not be any seeing for this podcast right now.

So I’m going to kick this off. I literally don’t want to spend all of the time in the world editing things to death because I do that or focusing on the perfect logo, because I do that too. This is minimum viable product all the way. Get in the studio, shoot a bunch of stuff and ship it. That’s my deal here and I’ve recorded this first episode as really an exercise in holding myself accountable to all of you, to share more of what I know.

Feel free to tune it, but this exercise is really for me to consistently demonstrate and share what I’ve learned all these years because I’ve been in your shoes not knowing who to ask, where to ask and why…and you don’t always know what you don’t know.

Hopefully I strike a chord or a nerve and it makes you want to know more. Mostly I hope there’s more than one episode.