Boise State football uses social media to its advantage

Image by Fokket via Flickr

Joe Favorito’s blog alerted me to a good story on how Boise State University is using social media tools to build brand awareness of its football team. For those who live under a rock, Boise State didn’t start playing major college football until about a decade ago, but is now one of the most well-known non-major college football programs in the country.

Why? Largely because of their David v. Goliath matchup in which they slayed a heavily favored program, in a storybook ending:

Three of the most improbable sets of plays in college football history. Millions of people who’d never heard of the school or cared much about them, immediately had the Cinderella program etched into their mind and by using social media, the program can continue to build on that. Not bad…