What I’m Reading

Here are a series of links, books and such things I’ve read lately.

Create Your Own Economy: The path to prosperity in a disordered world (Tyler Cowen) My sense is this book could’ve been a lot shorter. And it talks way too much about stuff that I don’t suspect anyone picking the book up would’ve bargained for (read: autism) but save for that, it’s a worthwhile pickup to skip through chapters. It’s not a coherent book that gives the reader a finite message. For some, that might be frustrating. I didn’t find it annoying since it suited the way I read.

Who Rules The Social Web? (Information Is Beautiful) This is from last month. But it’s a graph showing the male/female split of popular social web sites.

Measuring Success: Qualitative and Quantitative (Adaptivate) The always insightful Elizabeth Allen talks about the ways you can measure social media campaign success.

Social Media: How Much Is A Good Thing? (The Buzz Bin) Mike Mulvihill hits a home run while batting the topic of social media campaign spending asking, “How often do we need to be reminded that social media is about engaging customers and potential customers in a meaning way.” It’s a good read.

The Internet has created a generation of great writers (Brazen Careerist) Penelope Trunk discusses the notion that people no longer know how to write. I know some college professors who’d disagree with her, though.