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Choosing the channel

Remote Control

Too often I’m paralyzed by the plethora of platforms to post content. How do you decide what’s better for Tumblr over what would fit better at Medium? Shouldn’t I be posting more on my professional blog? Or maybe just make it a Twitter post?

For instance, I have this penchant for putting on hot water for tea but then deciding I don’t want tea and I pour out my now hot water. I feel like this is some kind of allegory for my life.

I’m not sure that I’ve adopted a personal style guide, per se, but there is a bit of a shorthand that helps me decide where I post where, though it does change depending on the frequency of my content.

Maybe sharing my own policy/methods/ideas will help you come up with your own?

Facebook: Things too long for Twitter. Rants. Things for a limited audience of people who know me and my voice.

Twitter: A melange of randomness. Stream of consciousness, though not just anything.

Tumblr: I have more than one. They’re segmented pretty well. But really nice for stuff you want to get out, but don’t want people to judge you for on Facebook or have etched into a more permanent record like Twitter. (Yes, I realize hyperlinks work across the interwebs, but…Tumblr is off the grid unless people go seek it out. Plus, I don’t tumbl under my own name though I’m easy to find.)

Instagram: It’s a private feed, always has been. I was a late adopter and for a long time, felt like I had absolutely nothing of note to share. Still sorta feel that way, but nice to engage when I go on trips and can choose what I share selectively.

Personal blog: Whenever something I think needs to be semi-long format or where I actually want people to read it.

Medium: Still figuring this out, but probably things I’d write that I think would be interesting for an audience of people who wouldn’t know me well enough to show up on my blog.

Pinterest: We don’t talk about that.

What about you? How do you decide what to post where?