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Community Colleges and the web

One of the unique challenges in higher ed web geekery is the plight of the community college web editor/manager/etc. You’re not focusing on one audience, usually. It’s a cacophony of different voices, audiences and people you’re trying to reach — all with one site. Couple that with what can often be a group of people who are used to doing things “the old way” and people who are looking to do things “the new way” and you find yourself in a situation where…well…there are a bloc of folks who are very married to the old ways of doing things.

That said, the institutions can be a wellspring of innovation and are often times willing to invest in new technology, in part to shed the moniker of being second-rate compared to their 4-year sisters.

They do a lot with a little, comparatively and it’s the type of job that really never stays the same because you’re constantly trying to tweak and alter your approach to fit the institutional focus at that time.

  1. I often have to do things in “baby steps” in fear of being reprimanded. I have been involved in everything, including the maintenance and online marketing and the way you market to prospects is changing everyday. It true what was said at the conference. “The community is what ultimately counts.”

  2. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

    I am a web editor for a community college and you’ve articulated the situation many find themselves in oh so well.

    Fortunately, our administration has moved forward with securing a CMS. I’m hoping we can get everyone on board with change: the faculty, staff, administration, etc. Learning the new tool and new way of doing things (especially WRITING FOR THE WEB) will take some effort to get used to.

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