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Create memorable experiences

I recall back when MySpace was a popular thing, I must’ve added the band Splender to my favorites. They weren’t an all-time favorite, just a band Iiked at the time.

As bands are won’t to do, Splender broke up. A few months later, the lead singer was in a new band. The new band sent a letter from him to all listed fans essentially saying, “hey, I’m in this new band if you liked my old band check out my new one?!”

The failed premise here is this idea that someone who liked what you once did will be following what you do after, just because it’s you. I can appreciate this notion in theory.

Investing in people makes sense when you realize they posses world class skills. World class here only implies the field in which we’re playing on. It takes a different set of skills to be successful in every context. What’s world class in a rural town might not make you as successful in a large place and vice-versa. You might learn tactics or skills that make you successful but it’s not the same as being exactly the same in both contexts and expecting it to work. It takes dexterity to make different circumstances serve you best.

You have to give people a reason to care. It starts with creating a series of memorable experiences. The distinction begins with crafting a sustainable narrative that lives well beyond the time of what you’re doing. These situations vary in the minds of people differently, but I think you have to be meticulous in ensure every detail of how you cultivate an experience to ensure people leave with as good or better memories than you hoped. It can’t feel manufactured.

The thing is, creating memorable experiences takes work. It’s not something you can buy at the store because you were too busy to make it. It has to involve some semblance of deliberation and requires you to care about the end result. It’s not always easy unfortunately when other people get involved to execute these ideas perfectly or at all.

You need vision. Having made a few songs I remember a few years ago, doesn’t imply an ongoing relationship. It doesn’t hurt to ask, but if everyone does it, what makes you stand out amongst the fray?