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Creating new sports

Aesthletics: Game Designers Should Create More New Sports (from Wired)

It naturally got me thinking about the whole Toccer/Tennis Polo deal and of course, it’s bastard cousin, Viperball. See, what’s funny here is. Both games spawned from the same egg, but they are COMPLETELY different. The latter has all of the elements of video game insanity and probably needs to be paired down, refined or at least, exposed somewhere where there are a lot more people. How it was spawned actually makes a ton of sense and would probably work okay.

Toccer is a more subtle sport that would probably put you in mind of something European. (Maybe that’s why my friends here always tell me that I’m more European to them…) But it’s not nearly as boring as soccer is. (And this coming from the guy who actually watches the EPL from time to time now..)

It’s hard to do stuff like this in places without a critical mass of people. Because it’s easy to convince city people to do stuff. You put up a few flyers and call it a day and they arrive. But when you’ve got very few to choose from, it’s a lot harder to pull that off organically.

During the years when Toccer first got started, I was really aware of all of the random sports that continued to crop up left and right. It was an interesting time and I’ve developed some interesting ideas (to me) about the development of sports and such alike. Most of it has to do with the fact that we’ve just given up innovating for the most part. But I think that’s what happens when otherwise innocent games played by children or young men (back in the day), become the fare of corporate suits attempting to convince us that we don’t need anything other than whatever we see on the idiot box.