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Customer Experience Starts At Home

In my journeys, I’ve seen the difference in the culture of institutions and a relationship between their success based on how the people working there treat each other. It seems like a simple thing, but it matters.

Since I primarily work with colleges and universities, I notice it more acutely. Outsiders wistfully remember college as a place of warmth and fun, wrapped in a spinach wrap of learning. The reality for most staff and faculty is institutions are like any other job with good days, bad days and excitement for Fridays at 4:30 or 5pm.

In higher ed, we keep pumping money into finding the next great solution but not often enough do I hear that we need to focus on our own houses. Not just the workplace satisfaction piece, I’m talking about the same experience of our customers — students, alumni & other stakeholders — who need positive experiences.

The admissions process changes the consumer climate because not everyone who can afford the product will be admitted. Still, you can see on the faces of the people who come to work everyday whether or not you’re visiting the kind of place that can attract others.

It starts with how you treat each other.