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FoxyTunes + TwittyTunes plugins for Firefox

If you hadn’t noticed yet, I listen to a lot of music.

I wanted a fairly clean way to Twitter tracks I was listening to, without having to stop what I was doing to shift to Twitter to post what song I was listening to, especially if I’m in the midst of a bunch of things.

FoxyTunes is a Firefox plugin that allows you to control a bevy of music players right from your browser. Couple that with TwittyTunes, a plugin that you can use to with FoxyTunes to Twitter whatever track you’re playing at that time and you have an integrated music posting solution. Especially if you have your Facebook status pulling from Twitter.

FoxyTunes will even allow you to post what you’re listening to, when you’re posting on an online forum. It’s a really handy tool that includes finding lyrics and other such things, if that appeals to you.

Just another good way to maximize your usage and to share good tunes along the way.

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  1. I noticed the FoxyTunes thing on posts of yours, but never really understood what it was. So it went over my head, sorry, you’re too clever for your own good. :)

    I didn’t even realize it had the feature to add it to your blog posts. That’s pretty sweet.

  2. I used to use FoxyTunes to post songs now playing on my blog, and I would try to find tunes in my library that matched the subject of the blog post, just to see if anyone noticed. (Here’s an example of a post with a musical connection at the bottom.) No one seemed to notice — or at least if anyone did notice, it was never mentioned.

    I haven’t played with TwittyTunes yet, but maybe I’ll give it a spin.

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