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I created some new baseball statistics

As if it wasn’t enough for me to go off and create my own college football ranking algorithm, I’ve taken my love of baseball statistics too far once and for all.

The new stat is called VOCL or Value Over Championship Level. (Pronounced VO-CAL) It’s not that beautiful of a stat, but it works. It’s only measure is to help you determine whether your team is at championship level. Doesn’t mean you’re anymore likely to win or anything like that.

It just means that your team is officially within its “win window” I’ve seen teams win at a lower rate than championship level. It’s just a helpful tool.

The thing is, in each league, championship level is different. In some leagues, you can get as high as 600 for some years, in playoff leagues, it can be as low as 450. I’ve seen VOCLs into the 800s on occasion.

We’re not trying to calculate how low a team can go to get to championship level, instead, the goal is to try to figure out how to adjudge when your team has “made it” and so, the formula for VOCL is:

(Team Batting VORP + Team Pitching VORP) – 400 = VOCL

Here are the other two stats I invented:

RVe (Retained Value) is the amount of VORP a team gained/lost during an off-season. For instance, Atlanta’s current RVe is 58.2, given they lost about 43.4 VORP and have gained 101.8 so far this off-season.

PVe (Predicted Value) is the measure of the team’s VOCL from the previous season added to their RVe. So for instance, even if Valdosta didn’t add another player of any value this off-season, the team’s PVe is 28, which is higher than the 14.9 PVe, which would indicate things are close, but how close, it’d be hard to say without seeing the other teams or knowing the results of the season yet.

This whole set of new statistics are going to be called CharlieS (Charlie Stats, as in “what are their CharlieS?), the idea here is to create a set of indicators that allow the GM a snapshot of their team’s performance, to assess the current state of the team and could influence future moves, based on it.

I created it for fake baseball, because I needed better indicators to see where my team was, but they could work in real life too with more data available to you.

They’re the first of many stats that I’m devising, mostly as I need them. But it seems that my bringing these up, have incited a minor positive riot of folks wanting me to delve further in to give them more indicators to help them create newer/better/awesomer statistics.

So alas, my work is not done.