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Looks like someone’s got a case of the Mondays (links)

A few things you should read intersecting around higher ed, social media, branding and yadda yadda. But first , your moment of zen:

Elizabeth Allen at Adaptivate talks about the final stages of the redesign process.

mStonerblog asks, “When You’re Hiring a Consultant, Does Education Experience Matter?”

Joe Favorito talks about the National Hockey League’s New Jersey Devils and their challenges branding themselves in a metropolitan area with a ton of entertainment competition. He also writes a great piece about the criticisms by those responding to the US Olympic Committee presentation for the 2016 Chicago Olympic bid. It starts with some extremely instructive advice for all of us:

Knowing how to effectively communicate messages internally, building consensus amongst key leadership, speaking with one voice, knowing your constituents and addressing their needs, or at least acknowledging their needs, and then making sure that media are communicated to in an effective and consistent manner are all hallmarks of effective internal and external communications, whether you are a large public corporation or a small business or not-for- profit.

Have a great week!

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