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Lots to learn

One of the things about blogging that I’ve always tried to remember, is that I only started doing this as an exercise in demonstrated learning. I have no designs on claiming to be some sort of “expert” on much of anything, I’ve just seen a few things and so, I share what I’ve seen. If it helps you, stupendous. But it’s not why I blog.

It’s about what you learn along the way. It’s about offering perspective, but more importantly, being part of a community. This blog opened up a wealth of opportunities for me, but a lot of it’s been simply the ability to cast a much wider net.

I’ve always prided myself on an extensive circle of people that I could talk to, bounce projects off of and get valuable advice from when I needed it. But this blog — and yes, Twitter — have really helped me cement a much larger network without really having to go anywhere else or do anything different than I was doing before.

Well, except now instead of just talking to the people who are close to me — or coworkers — I’m sharing information and learning from a much wider audience.