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My favorite plugins for Firefox

I should explain them all to you, but you’re either 1) using them or 2) will check and see what they’re all about if you’re curious. It’ll take you a few minutes, but I don’t really have the time to flesh them out. I mostly wanted to see what sort of indispensable tools everyone else was using that I need to get in on. These are just the ones I use most often.

Adblock Plus
Fast Dial

  1. I’ve been using Lastpass ( manage my passwords. If you’re like me and you have accounts all over the internet, you’ll find it helpful.

  2. I use both, actually. I started using Foxmarks first, then started to use Delicious. I use Delicious mostly as a way to remember articles I’ve read and to share them with other people. I use Foxmarks to synchronize my bookmarks across my work and home machines. Though since starting to use delicious more regularly, I can’t say that I’ve used Foxmarks much at all.

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