in Black Folk

Noel Gourdin might need to shoot a new video

Ok, so here’s what happens when you make a song that your label probably doesn’t expect to “blow up” like it does, so they let you film a video on a shoestring budget that isn’t close to being what the song is about.

Take one Noel Gourdin. He made this song called The River. Steve Harvey played it on his radio show apparently and was such a big fan that it’s motivated stations that never played to pick it up. So I guess maybe label does know best? They probably didn’t think the song would get very far.

Hence that video.

Well, here’s how Noel Gourdin explains the song though (on his YouTube page, in marketing copy)

That’s apparent on the richly moving “The River.” Produced by Kay Gee, “The River” conjures up vivid images of family, faith, tradition and the journey towards becoming your own man. “We wanted to make a modern-day Negro spiritual,” concludes Noel, of the song’s inspiration. “Both my grandparents lived in Mississippi about 3 hours from Biloxi and I spent every summer with them, so I really soaked up that atmosphere and history. My grandfather had just died and I was really thinking about him, and in the Deep South the river represents something spiritual. The song means a lot because it’s so close to home.”

Ok, that’s cool dude. Really cool. So why did you let them talk you into making a video that has NOTHING to do with that? I know, I know. Rookie mistake. You’ll do better. First step? Re-shoot that video, before they start showing it on TV.