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On branding yourself for strangers

I haven’t done a great job coalescing my disparate web presence over the past few years. At one point, it mattered less because I wasn’t actively seeking to do anything with anybody. But as I get more exposure in random places, I find myself having to explain basic things that I realize no one got because they never visited my website.

I’m fine with that, you can’t expect everybody to Google you. When I realized is, even if they had, there’s so much stuff I’ve been leaving out of my bio/profile mostly because I wasn’t sure how relevant it was to the bottom line. When you’re into a lot of things, the shifting of gears can leave you wondering exactly how to position your professional skills. I see a lot of it was connected, but I haven’t ever made those connection points for newcomers.

Over the years, there have been more newcomers. I tend to assume people know stuff, until they talk to me and I bring up something casually and they’re like “wait, you did that?” and then I have to explain the story. I realized there just needs to be a better introduction to “me” that encapsulates everything much better than I have.

So I’ve been working on that lately.

I’m not sure if I’ll ever back to the point where I’d just write about anything, but I’m considering moving back in the direction of writing more eclectic fare. My best assets are my breadth and ability to weigh in on a diverse array of topics. Limiting myself the past few years only to the digital/UX/Content Strategy whatever space has really left me feeling constrained. I felt like people didn’t want to hear about the “other stuff” and so I would intentionally say very little. Plus, there’s always a fear someone is going to be offended by some third party opinion about something unrelated to work.

But I’m seeing more and more people out here talking about whatever. Part of taking a stance is being willing to draw your line in the sand. I’m not super inclined to get into political discussions with many people, especially because I know they just haven’t read that much, but I do think it’s time for me to dip my feet back into the marketplace of ideas wholly. We’ll see how that manifests itself, but…I figured it was worth noting to the crickets that still read this thing.