in Professional Life

Own What You Know

One of my personal struggles with blogging, presentations or just plain opening my mouth most days is the fear I’m going to say something¬†wrong. Not something stupid, just that I might be wrong and that’ll cause people to think I’m not as smart as they thought I was before. Now, this doesn’t stop me from blogging, presenting or opening my mouth. Nonetheless, it’s a real fear.

Meeting people from far outside of my professional realm who confront the same fears — and ironically giving them pep talks over it — made me realize I needed to deal with this topic once and for all. You need to own what you know. Your experiences are what brought you here and it’s incumbent upon you to share that with people who might need to hear it.

Fearing that your voice doesn’t matter does no one any good. It doesn’t mean you’re always right. None of us are. But it doesn’t diminish the responsibility we all have to share what we know.