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Stuff Worth Reading (2/7/2017)


It’s the February 7th edition of “Stuff Worth Reading” on the #Adulting podcast. I’m your host, Ron Bronson.

So in case you were under a rock for the last episode of the podcast, I announced a change to the format. We’re going to do narration of interesting articles worth reading. If you download the Casts app on iTunes or Android, it will actually link you to the articles listed in the story without you having to subscribe to the newsletter. How cool is that? Other podcast apps might do it, too. I just don’t use them.

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How to Fail for a Month, A Week or a Decade and Still Be Okay (The Hairpin
This is from 2013, but still had some good bits about the ways to deal with imposter syndrome without ever using that term.

8 Ways To Read More Books in 2017 (Harvard Business)
I read a lot and friends often ask me how I do it. This article dovetails a lot of my own homebrewed reading practices honed over the years.

The Curious Rise Of Secret Facebook Groups (Good)
An article from last August, talking about women in secret FB groups and how they feel safe interacting with people from all over, sharing common interests and bonds despite the bad rap Facebook gets for pretty much everything.

The Secret Taxonomy Behind IKEA Names (Quartz)
Super interesting story behind how IKEA products get their quirky names, for a non-so-quirky reason.

Maybe Just Don’t Drink Coffee (Eater)
This semi-serious screed on the joys and pains of java, made this tea drinker laugh a bit.

What I’ve Read Recently
The Art of Possibility – Rosamund & Ben Zander
At the risk of thinking I’m asking you to read self-help hokum, if you work in the creative industry you probably read this book when it dropped in 2001 or something. But I hadn’t read it in a really long time and appreciated its mantras around mindfulness. Seriously, it’s changing my entire approach to my year. (Though every day is a work-in-progress.) It’s a quick read, too.

Pushout: The Criminalization of Black Girls In Schools – Monique Morris
Books like this can often parade in tropes that end up obscuring their message. Not so, for Dr. Monique Morris’ important work about the ways that public schools marginalize young African-American girls and stigmatize them from the minute they arrive. A lot of these things are structural, but it’s fascinating to think about the unwitting ways that systems are complicit in negatively impacting a wide swath of our population. She offers constructive ideas for moving forward, too. I know it’s not a breezy or fun summer read, but it’s important even if just to skim the stats she provides and the history/backstory too.

The Black Russian – Vladimir Alexandrov
Okay, so I didn’t read this recently. Still, it’s a historical work on Frederick Bruce Thomas, a real-life man who ought to be a movie character. He went from Mississippi, the son of former slaves to one of Russia AND Turkey’s most famous nightclub owners before the revolutions in both countries cost him his fortune. A well-researched book absolutely worth your time.

What I’m Listening To
The barista at my favorite coffeeshop here in Bloomington (Hopscotch Coffee) was listening to some Ghanian highlife music. I knew this because I got into the genre a few months ago. Anyway, he shared his Spotify playlist with me and now I’m sharing it with you. It’ll make your day instantly better, I promise.

I’m also still listening to too much shoegaze. Big surprise. 

Recipe of the Now
Sorry to my vegan followers… but I’ve been craving Hainanese Chicken & Rice since I first heard about it. I bet one of the restaurant here makes it, but I haven’t searched yet because I don’t want my first time to be disappointing. I could make it myself, but I prefer typically with authentic dishes to have them somewhere good first and then go home and make them. But seriously, it’s all anybody is tweeting about these days on my feed — at least among the people I know in bigger cities (probably west coast.)