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Ruminations on Strategy

My latest post on Medium is about strategy and how difficult it is for folks in the digital space when no one really understands what we do. It’s our job to make sense of this, not their job to get where we are.

I once imagined a world like a coffee shop where someone would help you with digital needs. Want a website? There’s a storefront for that. Need a social media account for your business? Same. The fact that our services are so mysterious that they can’t be explained to the laymen, doesn’t make us seem smarter. It just means we have to work harder to be relevant to procure the investments we need to push our industry forward in the trenches.

Our professional future has yet to arrive. Institutions and companies are just beginning to truly invest in digital the way they need to. The ones who are leading the way are the ones who are winning. But we’re still living in the wild west of our generation’s Gold Rush.

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