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Shifting Gears (On The Podcast)


I started the latest iteration of my podcast last year. After a few dozen episodes, I rebooted the idea last summer with a new premise. But in 2017, I think it’s time to do something closer to my interests and frankly, that does a better job of being informational rather than just ranting.

So I’m going to tentatively keep the same name of the podcast (though, if you had ideas for a new name and want to send them to me..there will be a prize.) but the new direction is going to be focused on recent articles from across the world I’ve read. I’ll also share a music recommendation or two and it’s me, so you know there will always be a surprise or two.

I feel like in the era of fake news and alternative facts, having a personally curated news report showing up from someone you (probably) trust, could be a boon. Plus, it’ll get me closer to my own roots. While I work in tech and strategy, I was an economics major and a liberal arts student who has done all sorts of things from lead policy for a non-profit in Wyoming to start a shoe brand. So I feel like giving you a glimpse of the world from my varied perspectives could be useful.

If you want to get the accompanying articles to each episode, you should subscribe to my already existing newsletter for this. I’ve been sending out a curated newsletter of interesting stories to┬ápeople all over the world for over two years now and this podcast will just become a broader extension of that.

I’m excited about the new shift. You won’t have to resubscribe, you’ll stay subscribed even if the name changes. Stay tuned for the first episode coming early this week. And remember, if you have a naming idea, email me at ron [at] ronbronson [dot com] or find me on Twitter @ronbronson with your ideas.

Thanks for always being so supportive.