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Showcase U

Here’s a site that launched in April aiming to provide one-stop shopping for prospective college athletes looking for schools and coaches looking for players in the form of a social networking site.

Haven’t logged in to use it yet, but apparently Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Chad Durbin is involved with the project. That’s how I discovered it in the first place.

This is my last post in my series of them I wrote prior to hitting the road, knowing I’d be out of pocket. I’ll be back blogging in real time next week sometime.

  1. We’re excited about the vision of and what it can mean for families looking to give their high school student athletes a leg up in the recruiting process.

    Showcase U is a do-it-yourself platform for athletes surely, and it is also a real life lesson in the value of self marketing that young people will take with them into their college years and beyond into their careers.

    I hope your day is sensational.

    Joel Welsh
    Showcase U

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