in Life

…For The Whole World To See

For as socially connected as I purport to be, the only thing I seem consistently willing to share is my music taste. And even then, I’m often reluctant to have some song that someone might misconstrue show up on my web site feed as “Ron is now listening to Something Controversial With A Swear Word!” This extends all the way to my personal presence on sites like Facebook. I’m just not comfortable with incomplete narratives and as of yet, I’m unable to find succinct ways to describe myself in bios. I’m great at helping other people — heck, I do this stuff for a living — but when it comes to me, I tend to err on the side of saying too little rather than too much.

So I was thinking today about this reticence which borders on obsessive, to where I’ll avoid posting almost anything most of the time. I’m not sure of a way around it. I think you have to be all-in or not with matters like this, unless your personality is wired a bit differently. I tend to do better when I put both feet in the puddle, rather than dipping a toe in. I’ve been dipping my toe in for years and progressively get more hesitant to expose much of anything using social media.

For years, my fear was simply that saying too much was just too open ended. But I’ve found assessing my own presence that there are times when I have things I would say, but don’t. I’m not of the opinion that we ought to be slaves to the medium; there are times when speaking up is worthwhile and times when it is less prudent. But one of the things I’ve noticed by doing a lot more reading over the years rather than broadcasting, is I find the most interesting people share more within the confines of their own comfort level.

It makes me convinced I have a place and with a platform to do it, I feel inclined to jump back into the pool and see what’s on the other side.