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Stay the course and close the deal

The hardest part of finding any measure of success is staying the course. Setting a game plan isn’t as difficult, because if you know what sort of destination you’re looking to reach, you can begin to think about it takes to get there and chart a course. It’s after charting the course that things get difficult. Not for the things you can see, but for the stuff you can’t.

For every good idea, there is a VC in the way who thinks that the idea sucks. For every passionate bloke, there is someone along the way to tell him that he ought to be fishing or doing something more conventional.

The reason I’ve made it this far is really on blind faith. No real models to go on, certainly not a lot of money and lacking a real idea of how to accomplish some of the things I’ve accomplished to date.

As I move forward, it becomes easier to move in a positive direction — even when things are difficult — knowing that there is some good reason for all of this. Sometimes you have to check yourself when it seems bleak or when things seem almost impossible. One thing I’ve learned from all of my years of playing tennis is that scoring points and even winning games isn’t the difficult part. It’s winning sets that lead to winning matches that always caused me the most problems in high school and college.

In this particular case, closing the deal isn’t so much a problem as I’m trying to calm down and use what I’ve learned to date to make it happen.  We’ll see how it all turns out…stay tuned.