You aren’t really all that special

I read Penelope Trunk’s blog today, talking about a blogger and her belief that her world was unique because she felt the need to talk about the intimate details of her life.

It’s something that really rings true when you think about people who are passionate bloggers and discuss all of the things that are going on, keep their Facebook status updated regularly and feel the need to twitter each thing as it happens too.

As someone who used to be far more active blogging than I am these days — even as I maintain two distinct blogs — I just don’t feel the need to let everyone to that degree. I feel there are lots of things that a blog can help you do personally and professionally. But I also think it exposes almost too much in the way of things that you are not always able to provide context for.

The reason I began blogging seriously for my career is because I made a decision after changing jobs that I would leverage the experience I’d gained over the years, to establish myself as an expert in the field rather than just sitting on the sidelines and letting other yahoos decide without at least participating in the conversation.

That turned out to be a smart decision. But what her post does is reveal to me a paradigm shift occurring within myself in regards to the way I approach the web and ideas. I tend to think to eschew exposing the ideas that crop up in the recesses of my brain late at night, because they’re either not well formed or because I don’t know if I want to expand on them. But when I do it, it ends up pretty well received.

So I think there is a trick to it all and that’s to use the vehicle to express yourself however you want and throw caution to the wind.