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The blueprint project


Since I started this blog almost two years ago, it’s been largely a compendium of my stories, recommendations and rants about what I think would make the (higher ed) world a bit better. It’s been interesting (right?) but while I hear a lot from people who write blogs and tweet their thoughts for the wider world, I’m sure there are people out there who are doing interesting things at their schools — big and small — who deserve a showcase. Perhaps there are folks out there who have random ideas they want to put before a wider audience to get folks to chime in and share their two cents? My email box tells me this is true, so here’s my plan for the coming year:

I’m going to transition this blog largely as a place to post interviews and features from people around the education diaspora who are doing interesting things on the web. I really want to spend the year learning from people we don’t hear from, as well as those we do. I’m going to seek some of them out on my own, but will welcome your recommendations and ideas for profiles, as well.

What I’d like to do, is combine these features along with my own insights I’ve been collecting for the past year into a document I release via this site tentatively called The Blueprint (or maybe something better, depending on how I feel…) which will reveal a treasure trove of insights, ideas and introspection along the intersection of web strategy and marketing in higher education. Probably in quarterly editions.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot, as I’ve wanted this blog to contribute more to the active dialogue that’s happening in the community. I feel like this plan will do just that.

Thanks you for reading, commenting and being actively interested in what goes on here. It’s something I truly appreciate and it keeps me motivated to raise the bar.

  1. Ron – This is an exciting new direction you’re taking. I look forward to following along and learning from and with you and all the others.

    P.S. – Jay-Z got nothin’ on you.

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