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The evolution of all things televised

In response to the news that Red Lasso has shut down its TV video broadcast service, I ran into this article about the evolution of televised broadcast content:

On June 18, 1939, The New York Times ran an editorial about the evolving technology of communications. On the subject of the newly invented television and the threat it posed to the entrenched medium of radio, The Times said: “The problem with television is that people must sit and keep their eyes glued to the screen; the average American family hasn’t time for it… for this reason, if no other, television will never be a serious competitor.”

Fast-forward 70 years: “It should come as no surprise that video has exploded as a valuable content source on the Web,” says John Blossom, senior analyst and president of Shore Communications, Inc. “We’ve been staring at screens that have had at least as much resolution for image detail as a typical television for years.”

  1. Technology is always going to have an impact on how people experience visual media, but at end day, no matter what sort of technology it is, the visual content has to have something special about it – otherwise people won’t watch it:

    ‘Content is king!’

  2. Imagine how productive workers were prior to video online. With it being unlikely that a TV resided at the office, people must have had much more time for actual work!

    The joys of the modern age rein upon us!

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