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Things Worth Reading (2/12/17)


Living with a parent most common young adult living arrangement (Pew)
For the first time in modern history, more young adults in the U.S. are living with parents than any other living arrangement.

Capturing James Baldwin’s Legacy on Screen (The New Yorker)
The documentary, “I Am Not Your Negro” is filling up screens all over the country. It’s an interesting look into the legacy of Baldwin from his own words and juxtaposed against the modern landscape of race in this country.

Toronto man found after 5 years, living in Brazil. (CBC)
Part of his journey to Brazil included periods of walking barefoot, but his family found him after losing touch and worked on finding him help for some struggles.

Joyous African Take The Rails, With China’s Help (NY Times)
China is investing billions in African countries, aimed at precious natural resource deals and creating more jobs for their own citizens. These extends to creating rail access in widespread parts of African countries that were previous inaccessible.

Sisterhood of the Skateboard (NYTimes)
A story I read earlier last year, but wanted to share for the audio edition of this newsletter, about a group of young girls who skateboard through Upper Manhattan and The Bronx.

The Blazer Experiment (99% Invisible)
From a podcast, 99% Invisible, this is a story about the Menlo Park Police department who in 1968 decided to experiment with putting officers in blazers rather than uniforms as a method to improve relations with local populace which was strained at the time.

Book: A Square Meal: The Culinary History of the Great Depression
Music: Priests – Nothing Feels Natural (LP)