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This Startup Life

At my core, I’m an entrepreneur. Not because I have some overzealous desire to serially create enterprises that thrive and have success or for other reasons, but simply because I enjoy creating things and building organizations of similarly focused people who are driven to do uncommon things. It’s been something I’ve been doing since well before I can remember and as an adult, I became initially distracted with doing things in a “conventional” way before the inner essence of what I’m about came to the surface as it always seems to, even if you’re not trying to find it.

I was watching a show on the History Channel not too long ago, talking about the growth of the oil industry due to the demand for gasoline and how it really just took off in the past 100 years or so. What was most interesting about the documentary, was the fact that it mentioned maverick guys with just a few nickels to rub. Sometimes, it would take these guys six or seven years to strike it big and despite experts telling them that certain fields held no promise of oil, they would toil anyway on a hunch that there was.

It was almost immediate to the parallels of the web craze and how we are in a wild, wild west frontier on the World Wide Web. People are striking it big and many more are trying to figure out ways to do it. My cynicism for the buzzwords, for the insular nature of development and how it often fails to relate to the lives of ordinary people; is likely borne out of the fact that I’ve always worked on my own in the field or in relatively small firms where tech savvy hasn’t always been at a premium.

When you grow up carrying business cards before you’re a teenager, it’s almost pretty obvious what you’re supposed to do with your life. Yet, I’ve spent years trying to forge a more conventional path towards something that’s easy to explain to people who have a hard time with the abstract. Each time I did this, I ran a parallel track where I was continuing with my passions. It was as if they were just waiting to emerge at the right time and make whatever I was doing on the conventional track so unbearable that I had to give up and pursue my dreams.

The payoff is evident and the success is imminent.