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Three goals for 2010

New Year's fireworks in Helsinki
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I sat down to ask you this question, so I’ll answer it first.

1. Putting work in perspective. Work became a bigger part of my life than I liked and I had to take a step back. I went from someone I thought was pretty interesting, to being pretty consumed with this nebulous thing called success. If I’d arrived there, I decided it wasn’t a place I wanted to be. Since the middle part of this year, I’ve discovered quite a bit about myself and what motivates me. For someone who has made a vocation from preaching the importance of being authentic in communicating your message, this is no small thing. 2010 will be better for me, as a result.

2. More social, less media. I’ve made a conscious effort to use social media more as a tool to inform my everyday life, rather than a stream of consciousness communications tool. The majority of the people in my active life simply don’t use social tools. Which is a bit strange, but…it happens. Those who do are primarily confined to Facebook and I think we’ve covered how I feel about that already. Over the past few months, I’ve done a lot more watching and reading, rather than participating. My interaction hasn’t decreased, I’ve just been more selective about what I say and when I say it. I felt more constrained by social presence and made a change to fix that. In 2010, I feel like there’s more balance in that area and it’ll result in better conversations, posts and content on the whole.

3. More interactions. I wasn’t able to do much on the conference circuit this year and it’s a gaping whole I intend to fix in 2010. In part because I’ve talked to so many people on the web that I feel like I already know, that it’d be nice to actually meet them. So this is a pretty big one.

What are your goals for next year?

Thanks for your comments, emails and other feedback this year. I’ve far surpassed my humble expectations for this blog, by simply knowing I’m connecting with so many people professionally and personally. Here’s to a whole new set of adventures!

  1. Great and admirable goals for the new year, Ron. I’m still trying to formulate mine, but I’m thinking of pulling out a technique that worked well for me over the years, before I abandoned it. It has to do with the four dimensions of being:

    * Spiritual – What is most fulfilling in my life, my work? Am I experiencing the most fulfillment on that spiritual level?

    * Emotional – How is my emotional health? How emotionally connected am I to those most important to me?

    * Intellectual/mental – Am I continuing to grow intellectually? How am I doing?

    * Physical. Am I energized to deal with the stresses of life? What do I need to do to be fully energized and physically capable to meet the demands and goals? This one’s easy for me. I need to drop 20 pounds and get my blood sugar back under 120 fasting and A1C to 6.0.

    Here’s to a great 2010!

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