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On gatekeepers

I tend to look at different mediums as a way to connect with people. I’m less concerned with the mechanics, often. For instance, podcasting. For me, it’s just another vehicle for connecting and getting a message out. More importantly, I’m interested in the stories other people have to tell and what they’re interested in sharing. I’m not as concerned about immersing myself in all things podcasting, going to every podcasting conference there is or becoming a hobbyist in the sport.

What I’m learning the past few years, is subcultures take their crafts very seriously. They’re not as happy about people showing up to the buffet late without a desire to participate fully in the statecraft of whatever rituals and exercises they’ve developed.

I love the DIY space between the start of something and before it becomes formalized. I liked the web before they started convincing kids they needed degrees in it. That empty space where people can tinker, communicate, share and fail is special.

Once there are gatekeepers, I’m a lot less interested in being involved.