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What do you REALLY want to do?

Whenever I read Lucky or Smart, The Four Hour Work Week , The Dip or any of the other books that entrepreneurs are buzzing about, I just start to laugh.

With the except of Lucky or Smart, the other ones were effectively telling me what I already knew. The message was “What are you waiting for? Why are you waiting for tomorrow to do what you want to do now?” I used to think, “If only it were that easy…” and despite that, I just kept plugging away.

Whenever I interview for jobs, folks look at the diverse experiences I have and ask, “What do you really want to do?”

That question has propelled me to this point and time in my life. I’ve realized a lot that things change all of the time. Just when you get comfortable believing things will be a certain way, life has a way of correcting your vision through experience.

What I’ve come to appreciate over time is the fact that so long as you’re breathing, each day is a unique opportunity to test yourself and stretch your limits. It can be exhausting and the barriers put up in front of you can seem arbitrary and probably unfair at times. But when it’s time to gut check yourself, to see what you’re made of and to test your own mettle; realizing that you have what it takes to come through makes all of the difference.

Once you realize that what you want doesn’t have to pass someone else’s threshold of what’s good or right in the world — only yours — it’s as if a weight larger than a bridge has been taken off your back.

One of the things I loved about “The Dip” is that it was so motivational. It challenged you to believe that you great, that you had something to offer and that each day you sit plotting and planning the perfect way to do something is a day you’re wasting. That the world won’t wait for you and putting yourself out there isn’t a means to an end, but an opportunity to be best in the world.

No matter how large or small your world may be.

I see what’s to come as an opportunity in allowing myself to thrive. With that as the challenge in front of me, the only thing that can stop me is myself.

I accepted the challenge over a decade ago when I embarked on this path and do not plan to quit now. The next chapter is upon us, my time is now.

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