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What I’m trying to accomplish

I texted to a friend earlier:  I was just thinking that people’s lack of vision is hilariously disappointing. So many people go about life assuming that it’ll pretty much always be the same.

The goal of this blog, is not really to be contrarian for the sake of it. Instead, my goal is to get you to think. I started a blog in part because I wanted to network, learn some things and branch out in higher ed. But I also did it because I didn’t read anything like it when I got started. If I did, you wouldn’t be reading this blog post, because edustir wouldn’t exist.

I want to push the evenlope beyond the conventional. We should never be satisfied with the status quo, even if we built it ourselves. We should be tinkering, building, fixing and taking uncommon approaches to the problems we face in our institutions, offices, businesses and projects. 

I used to think innovation happened at a certain point or in a certain organization. But as I’ve lived a bit, I’ve come to realize that progress comes from leaders who create conditions for excellence. It’s not a characteristic that everyone shares and I think this revelation came as something of a disappointment to me, as I entered the working world some years ago. 

Ultimately, I’m just trying to nudge you from where you sit or make you sit upright and give your own view of things. If my posts seem skeptical or not quite 100% firm, it’s because I’m not always articulating firm positions all of the time. But if I waited before posting, there’d be little in the way of content here.

People in education should be more apt to tinker and innovate and yet, we’re often the ones who are more willing to accept the status quo than anyone else. I tend to think that’s a waste and so, I’m going to try keep the ideas flowing. 

Thanks for participating.

  1. I’ll check out your post, Daniel. I do think things are getting better. So many people out there these days creating awesome projects that continue to raise the bar, it’s a lot harder to be complacent these days than it used to be.

    I suspect that’ll only continue to improve.

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